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In Episode 18 of the AskTheHulk series, Shrey has cleared the doubts of a lot of people. If you think you have got similar questions or doubts then you are at the right place. Just click on this video and find the answers to all of your questions.

Here’s the list of questions that Shrey has answered in this video:

  1. Tips for the Final year B.Tech Students in order to become a Salesforce Developer.
  2. What should be the strategy or process flow to start a Venture of 3 Tier Cities in the e-commerce stream?
  3. How to get an opportunity in the Salesforce Domain while already having hands-on experience on Salesforce CRM?
  4. What are some Books or learning Platforms to learn Salesforce other than Salesforce Hulk YouTube videos?
  5. What to do if you got an opportunity to volunteer for a non-profit that wants to set up its CRM in Salesforce?
  6. How to crack SFDC Interview? Which video series can be watched for Admin Concepts on YouTube?
  7. What is User management in Salesforce? 
  8. How to get a job in the Salesforce domain after having a time gap in your career?
  9. How to switch from Mechanical Engineering to Salesforce?
  10. It is Compulsory to get a Certification in Salesforce for getting a Job?
  11. How to get a job as a Certified Salesforce Administrator. Which career is better, Digital marketing or CRM?
  12. What are the opportunities in Canada for Salesforce Developer and Administrator?
  13. Which cloud computing career is a better option, AWS or Salesforce?
  14. How to switch the Career from UI Developer to Salesforce Developer?
  15. What is the Best Training Company in order to learn Salesforce?
  16. What are the steps to shift your Career from Testing to a Salesforce Developer?
  17. Can someone still gets an opportunity in Salesforce if they are not interested in coding?
  18. How to clear Pardot Consultant Certification? What topics are required to learn?

Watch the video to know more about How can you switch your Career to the Salesforce domain.

Also, if there are any questions in your mind that are bothering you related to your career or Salesforce or anything else then don’t forget to ask them and get your doubts cleared by Shrey Sharma – Youngest Salesforce MVP 2019 | CEO @ Cyntexa & S2 Labs.

Wondering how to ask the question?Just create a post on LinkedIn with #AskTheHulk and tag Shrey Sharma and S2 Labs. Or you can get connected with Shrey Sharma on LinkedIn and ask your question by sending a message.

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