What is S2 Labs Summer Internship?

S2 Labs Summer Internship is an adventure for Salesforce enthusiasts with the opportunity to learn about Salesforce and implement their learnings practically. It is an internship cum training program giving enthusiasts, the best of both worlds as here students will be able to learn new skills while refining their existing ones by learning online as well as in-person.

We assure you will become proficient in Salesforce technology within 45 days as the program is designed to allow students to get their foundations of Salesforce technical and analytical skills strong. S2 Labs allowing them to gain deeper knowledge of Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Developer, and LWC.

The key feature of the Summer Internship program is getting a golden chance to work with us, at Cyntexa. This internship will allow students to explore various phases of delivering best-in-class solutions, letting them connect with business and expand their skill set both technically and professionally.

Details of the Summer Internship

Course Duration : 45 Days (160 Hrs)
Class Time : 07:00 - 10:30 AM (IST)
Start Date : 24th June 2022

Why should you Join S2 labs?Some stats which we are proud and happy to share

  • Students Trained
    Students Trained
  • Students Certified
    Students Certified
  • Speaking Engagements
    Speaking Engagements

Summer Internship Offerings

Learning Path
Instructor-led Classroom Training 
We help our students to succeed in technical interviews by training them in problem-solving, developing algorithms, and analyzing their solutions.
Learning Path
Real-time Projects 
Enjoy the opportunity to get hands-on Scenario-Based projects and take your first step into the quest of corporate.
Learning Path
Completion Certificate 
A course completion certificate is provided to students that acknowledge their knowledge of the concepts.
Learning Path
Life-Time Access to Study Material 
We provide you with free study material with all key points to focus on. It consists of all technical concepts along with questions to brush up on your learnings. Materials come with added problem-solving techniques helping you learn better.
Learning Path
Personalized Support & Mentorship 
Every journey becomes easy when you have the milestone along with navigators. Our personalized support & Mentorship works in the same way and assures your growth along the journey.
Learning Path
Interview Preparation 
We help our students to succeed in technical interviews by training them in problem-solving, developing algorithms, and analyzing their solutions.
Learning Path
Free Demo Classes 
Still have some questions and doubts in your mind. Don't worry S2 Labs provide you with 2 free demo classes allowing you to experience the internship with better clarity.
Want to know what you will learn during the Summer Internship?

Perks of Summer Internship

Placement opportunity at Cyntexa

You can get a full-time job opportunity (Pre Placement Offer) after the successful completion of the Internship, but it will completely depend upon your performance.

Summer Internship Certificate

Getting certified takes a huge amount of hard work and discipline. We provide you with a summer internship certificate signed by Salesforce Hulk aka Shrey Sharma.

Take your first step into the Salesforce's ecosystem through this internship and begin your career

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How Salesforce can help you boost your Career?

Based on 119 reviews
Kanika Singh
Kanika Singh
Best exp!!
naveen kumar naneppa
naveen kumar naneppa
S2 Labs is a very good place for salesforce training. The faculty has high level of knowledge with great experience
Sirisha Vemavarapu
Sirisha Vemavarapu
S2 Labs Sales Force Admin course is informative and detailed. Harshit is a great trainer.
Gur Preet
Gur Preet
Good services and such a polite and helpful staff. Great time with you guys. Thankyou so much S2labs
To begin with I can say that I had an amazing training experience with S2 labs. Prior to this internship program, I had been doing a bit of learning myself. But throughout this program I have upskilled myself and gained in depth knowledge about Salesforce and its functionalities. The trainer Mohit and mentors Rohit and Tushar who have evaluated my assignments have done a great job and bear good knowledge in their own domain. Mohit inspires me and I have learnt a lot from him like how to be patient in every situation, manage a classroom when there are both online and offline students without anyone feeling unheard. I attended the classes online and I had interacted with Mohit through chat if I had any questions, or were to answer anything that he may have asked. He has always made sure to acknowledge everyone's questions and answers and provide proper support. Also made few wonderful friends, who continue to be a part of my learning environment. We share knowledge, clear doubts, help each other with any information that we think would benefit the other proactively. Siddhika - The first person I interacted with regarding this program has been very informative and supportive to make sure everything went smoothly. Not to forget about Shrey, he has been one of the key inspirers to motivate me to learn Salesforce. Thankyou Shrey for rolling out this program and I am glad to have been a part of this journey with S2 labs. Looking forward to the walk-in/placement opportunity that has been offered at Cyntexa through this program. Hope to clear it and be a part of Cyntexa. All-in-all a big shout out to Mohit for such a wonderful training environment and experience and Kudos! to the training team at S2 labs.

FAQs Just Ask and We will help you to find an Answer

The timing of the Internship is 7-10:30 am (IST).

This Summer internship is of 45 days (160 hours)

The fees once paid, will not be refunded unless the issue is determined to be unsolvable from our end

The internship program will begin on the 24th of June. And it will take 45 days to complete.

This Summer internship will benefit you majorly in three aspects:

  • The theory that you learn will help implement it in the form of practical knowledge.
  • This program will help transform you into Salesforce working professional.
  • By doing the hands-on project, your overall skill development will take place.

Anyone pursuing a professional degree, interested in the Salesforce domain is eligible and want to switch their career in Salesforce . Irrespective of your current college year or the field of your studies, you can apply for this internship.

Yes we are providing training in online as well as in-person. However, the timing remains the same.

Summer Internship Program is for 45 days in which you are going to enhance your technical skills along with mastering Salesforce Concepts.

Cyntexa hires students based on their performance in the Summer Internship. Once you got selected you will get a chance to work with leaders and learn from the best.

Yes, you can take a demo class before getting yourself enrolled in the Summer Internship Course for 2 Days.

Yes, we will provide classroom recorded videos along with study material for you to look back at while brushing up on your concepts or when you get stuck at any point.

Yes, Our platform provides you to pay in easy EMIs.

None. There are no such prerequisites for joining this internship as we will be training you in Salesforce but a little understanding of databases along with any programming language is an added advantage.

Yes, we provide the Summer Internship Certificate. Certification helps an individual to showcase his competency and build expertise in his professional subject.

  • Enrolled in a graduate school program
  • Have graduated from graduate school program

Whether you’re a student, a graduate, or just starting your career, & want to switch your career in Salesforce, Join us and do extraordinary things.

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