Are you still pondering how, to begin with, your career in Salesforce? Did you know that almost all the Fortune 500 companies give more preference to the Salesforce certified candidates? Furthermore, are you ready to kick start your Salesforce Career, or still confused about the same? Do you still think that building up your Salesforce Career is a difficult task and you might not get through it? Well, you should not be so indecisive, before knowing the entire process, to begin with. Here, you’ll get the answer to almost all your doubts and will know how to proceed with the same.

Let’s begin with first the meaning of Salesforce and what all it encompasses before we begin to discuss the steps involved in growing your Salesforce Career.

About Salesforce:

Salesforce is a popular cloud computing Software as a Service (SaaS) company specializing majorly in CRM (Customer Relationship Management). In other words, it can be defined as an integrated CRM platform that further provides your work departments with a single, shared simple view of every customer. 

This software further helps in tracking the real-time analytics, with its vast number of applications. Moreover, it focuses on helping various companies with their customer retention. Also, it is completely customizable, so as to perfectly cater to the requirements of the businesses.

It is the world’s number 1 Customer Relationship Management platform. The company was founded back in 1999. The CEO is Marc Benioff. The Company’s headquarters are in San Francisco, California.

How to kick start your Salesforce Career?

Now, let’s discuss the steps through which you can build up your Salesforce Career and grab this amazing opportunity to get your dream job with the help of Salesforce Certifications. They are discussed briefly as follows:

  1. Create a free Salesforce playground account:

The first step towards your own Salesforce Career, you should make an account or, in other words, sign up for a Salesforce playground account through Trailhead, provided exclusively by Salesforce. Through this account, you will be able to use Salesforce while using its latest features. Moreover, with this account, you can understand and learn the usage of each of its features. It is 100% free and easy to set up your account with, as it barely takes a minute to set up fully.

  1. Do the Self Study with the available resources:

After setting up the account, you can start exploring the different resources which will help you in getting accustomed to all the Salesforce features. These resources further help you to lead in the right direction with the right feature. So as to help your Salesforce Career path grow, the available online resources are –

  • YouTube Channel of Salesforce
  •  Salesforce Trailheads
  • Free Salesforce Training Course at S2 Labs

There are more such resources that will become like a reference guide as you move ahead.

  1. Join a good User Group Network:

Making a good network is one of the most important things that could build up your Salesforce Career in a better and efficient way. For this networking, being a part of a user group is a must. The main aim of this step is to make sure that your goal is beyond Salesforce Certifications. In other words, landing a good job should be the main aim through better Salesforce knowledge. You have to start connecting with people and let them know that you are planning to grow your career in Salesforce.

  1. Get your suitable Salesforce Certifications:

The next step for your Salesforce Career is to get Salesforce Certifications. They are the industry-recognized standards, and not merely qualification, that verifies that one’s skill in a specific field within Salesforce. For both IT as well as non-IT professionals, there are certifications present of the same which aims to cater to the needs or requirements of one. There are 8 major profiles for which Salesforce provides certifications. Further, to prepare for the same, there are different training centers. You should make sure that you choose the right center for your Certification.

  1. Start with Volunteering:

Before moving ahead with your Salesforce Career and getting a job, you should first try volunteering. Through this, you will understand the working environment in a better way than getting the job directly. It is an excellent strategy to practice your Salesforce knowledge while you make a resume for further jobs. Moreover, you can learn to use Salesforce in a real-world scenario by getting involved in projects of the organization. You can find these volunteer opportunities in various organizations. Furthermore, non-profit organizations from all over the world are always looking for talented individuals for their small Salesforce projects.


To sum up, there is no hard and fast rule to build up your Salesforce Career. This is due to the fact that you will be able to learn all about Salesforce at your own pace. But, the above steps will help you a lot to start with your journey of Salesforce on a smoother road.

Also, S2Labs can also help you to start with your Salesforce career in a more interesting way through virtual classrooms. Enroll with us now, to get bigger benefits in your career in Salesforce.

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