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A set is a collection of unique, unordered elements. 

It can contain primitive datatypes (string, integer, date, etc.) , sObjects or user-defined objects.

The basic syntax of creating a set :

Set<datatype> set1 = new Set<datatype>;  OR

Set<datatype> = new Set<datatype>{value1, value2,…};

  1. The main characteristic of a set is the uniqueness of the elements. Yo can safely try to add the same element to a set more than once and it will disregard the duplicate without throwing an exception.

Set<String> collections = new Set<String>{‘Lists’, ’Sets’, ‘Maps’};


  1. However, there is a slight twist with sObject i.e. the

uniqueness of the data respects Case Sensitivity.

3. Uniqueness of sObject is determined by comparing fields in their object.

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