Salesforce Search Layouts


Search Layouts in Salesforce are used to customize the fields displayed for users in search results, search filter fields, lookup dialogs, recent records lists on tab home pages, and in lookup phone dialogs for Salesforce CRM call center.

By default all lookup dialogs and related lists that result from new relationships only display record names or numbers. To add fields in these related lists and lookup dialogs, the administrator needs to add fields in search layouts.

Search layouts in Salesforce are an ordered group of fields that are displayed when a record is presented in a particular context such as in search results, a lookup dialog, or in a related list.

Salesforce Search Layout consists of:


Search Results:

The search result originates from searching for a record on the left sidebar or an advanced search.


Lookup dialogs:

The lookup dialogs result that originated from clicking next to a lookup field on an edit page.


Lookup Phone Dialogs:

The lookup dialog result that originates from clicking next to the lookup field with a phone datatype on an edit page.


Object Tab:

The list of recent records that appears on the homepage of a tab and in a related list on another object’s detail page.


Object List View:

The layout is not for specifying fields, instead, use it to specify the buttons that appear on the list view page for an object.


Search Filter Field:

The filters that can be applied to search results.


Note: Encrypted, formula, lookup, and roll-up summary fields are not searchable.


Lets now look at Object Specific Actions.

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