Ravel the path of your career today with S2 Labs’s accredited Salesforce Marketing Cloud Certification.

In this Salesforce Marketing Cloud training, you will get live classes, opportunity to work on real-time scenarios and straight off hand-on experience on different modules of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

30 Hours of Sessions

With our 30 hours of Online + Offline marketing cloud training and build the competency to projects successfully for your organization


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Personalized Mentorship

Got stuck while learning? We have Expert Mentors who will push you in levelling up your skill-set.

Certification Oriented Curriculum

One of the best Salesforce learning curriculums that enables every learner to obtain Salesforce certifications.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

One of the dynamic platforms of Salesforce is Marketing Cloud, designed to empower marketers to drive more revenues, create great relationships with customers and run creative marketing campaigns.

The popular SaaS platform makes marketing automation and customer engagement possible for businesses and helps them curate personalized customer journeys with artificial intelligence.

Being a marketing and Salesforce enthusiast, even if you have low-code knowledge, Salesforce Marketing Cloud training from S2 Labs is the golden key to unlocking the door of various career opportunities in the technical stream.

Why Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows professionals to interact with customers at any time and through any device. All information is stored in the cloud and gets updated in real-time; this makes customer interaction intelligent. Even customer issues can be resolved quickly and accurately.

What You Will Learn? Now, here is the table of content that we will be covering in this Marketing Cloud training course:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Introduction and overview
  • Data and subscribers
  • Create content
  • Testing and sending
  • Web Studio
  • Segmentation
  • Automation Studio
  • Contact Builder
  • Journey Builder
  • Miscellaneous
  • APIs (optional)

What You Will Get? Check out what you will get as part of this course

Learning Path
Instructor-led Classroom Training 
S2 Labs provides instructor-led classroom training for a better learning experience, that lets students interact with the trainers in person.
Learning Path
Online Training 
Voila! Now you can be limitless while moving ahead towards success as we provide Salesforce Marketing Cloud training via online mode also. Learn from your preferred location and if still you have any doubts, you can get the recordings of the session to revise and reboot your knowledge.
Learning Path
Practical Assignments 
Instead of tangling you in some theoretical case studies, we will make your work on pertaining market problems that usually top developers deal with.
Learning Path
Real-Time Projects 
With S2 Labs, there is no such concept of attending classes and leaving for home, you will get to live the corporate experience i.e. work on real-time live projects.
Learning Path
Personalized Support & Mentorship 
To reach your milestone, you need guidance from the top-industry experts. We have in-house instructors and mentors who is there for personalized support and direction and assures you don’t have to stop growing persistently.
Learning Path
Salesforce Certification Practice Tests 
Not only all this, you get a complete deck of Salesforce Marketing Cloud certification test series, so practice and sharpen your skills with them. Alongside, you will get enriching Salesforce Marketing Cloud training material curated by industry experts; this way you won’t miss out the opportunity to clear the Marketing cloud certification.

Upcoming Batches

Exciting news - our upcoming batches are now open for enrollment! Join us for a transformational learning experience and connect with like-minded individuals.

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Kanika Singh
Kanika Singh
Best exp!!
naveen kumar naneppa
naveen kumar naneppa
S2 Labs is a very good place for salesforce training. The faculty has high level of knowledge with great experience
Sirisha Vemavarapu
Sirisha Vemavarapu
S2 Labs Sales Force Admin course is informative and detailed. Harshit is a great trainer.
Gur Preet
Gur Preet
Good services and such a polite and helpful staff. Great time with you guys. Thankyou so much S2labs
To begin with I can say that I had an amazing training experience with S2 labs. Prior to this internship program, I had been doing a bit of learning myself. But throughout this program I have upskilled myself and gained in depth knowledge about Salesforce and its functionalities. The trainer Mohit and mentors Rohit and Tushar who have evaluated my assignments have done a great job and bear good knowledge in their own domain. Mohit inspires me and I have learnt a lot from him like how to be patient in every situation, manage a classroom when there are both online and offline students without anyone feeling unheard. I attended the classes online and I had interacted with Mohit through chat if I had any questions, or were to answer anything that he may have asked. He has always made sure to acknowledge everyone's questions and answers and provide proper support. Also made few wonderful friends, who continue to be a part of my learning environment. We share knowledge, clear doubts, help each other with any information that we think would benefit the other proactively. Siddhika - The first person I interacted with regarding this program has been very informative and supportive to make sure everything went smoothly. Not to forget about Shrey, he has been one of the key inspirers to motivate me to learn Salesforce. Thankyou Shrey for rolling out this program and I am glad to have been a part of this journey with S2 labs. Looking forward to the walk-in/placement opportunity that has been offered at Cyntexa through this program. Hope to clear it and be a part of Cyntexa. All-in-all a big shout out to Mohit for such a wonderful training environment and experience and Kudos! to the training team at S2 labs.

FAQs Just Ask and We will help you to find an Answer

Once you complete the Marketing Cloud training program from S2 Labs, you can crack the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator and Salesforce E-mail Studio Specialist Certification.

It will be a weekend batch, i.e. students get to attend classes every Saturday and Sunday.

S2 Labs has come up with this brand new Salesforce Marketing Cloud batch. It will be a Weekend training program scheduled every Saturday and Sunday from 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM IST.

Once your Salesforce Marketing Cloud training gets completed from S2 Labs, you can visit the official website of Salesforce and register for the exam to obtain the Salesforce Marketing Cloud certification. Meanwhile, you can keep practising with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud training material provided to you. And appear in the exam on the scheduled date and time. And clear it to earn a certificate.

According to the reports, the global Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform market size is estimated to grow from 11.7 billion dollars in 2022 to 17.8 billion dollars by 2027. Furthermore, in 2022, 10238+ companies started using Salesforce Marketing Cloud as a service segment for Marketing Automation, giving birth to multiple career and growth opportunities.

Yes. For caveats. Marketing Cloud never comes alone; it brings along multiple growth opportunities for businesses and authorizes its users to link any interaction with any customer on any channel on their preferred terms. According to recent sources, there are approximately 20735 jobs in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which will be extended by 2026. 

The good news about learning Salesforce Marketing Cloud is that anyone from a no-code or low-code background can learn and obtain Salesforce certifications of Marketing Cloud. Salesforce Marketing Cloud can be a great kick-start if you wish to re-launch your IT career.

Undoubtedly, Salesforce Marketing Cloud certification is one thing that you will never regret obtaining. Gaining a marketing cloud certification provides you with an added advantage over others. It qualifies you to support your organization in driving more revenues, retaining customers, converting prospects, and offering personalized customer journeys. 


Apart from this, you will enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Employers can rely on you to run successful marketing programs and campaigns. 
  • Let you pursue higher packages in the best leading companies in the market.

On average, it takes around 7-9 weeks. Still, with S2 Labs’ accredited Salesforce Marketing Cloud training material and in-person mentorship of experts, one can learn it in just 30 hours when practiced correctly and with dedication. 

There are many benefits to getting Marketing Cloud training. Professionals from any domain can opt for our Salesforce Marketing Cloud training program. In general, individuals working in the following profiles should enroll in this training:

  • IT Professionals
  • Software Developers
  • Data Analysts
  • Data Scientist
  • Freshers & Graduates
  • Students from Non-IT backgrounds who have no-code or low-code knowledge. 
  • Software Architects.
  • Salesforce Administrators
  • Professionals who want to reboot their career with the highly trending digital marketing Salesforce platform.

This training course is ideal for marketing professionals who manage their organization’s email marketing channel. It is not necessary to have any prior knowledge of the Marketing Cloud

People with Salesforce skills can easily score a high position in industry-leading companies and acquire a good package compared to an average professional with no Salesforce Marketing Cloud skills.