Before delving into the Consultancy part, let us understand what Salesforce is. Salesforce is the #1 CRM platform with a suite of cloud computing verticals. Right from Marketing, Manufacturing, Sales, there are many other such features whose services you can avail of from this SAAS provider. Cloud Computing is already changing the technology vertical, and many companies are going digital.

The world is technologically evolving, and Salesforce Implementation is on an all-time high. As we all know, the world has a vast talent pool, and many of these smart people are taking up a career as a Salesforce Consultant not just in India but also in different countries. Well, it all boils down to the Package ( Read as Salary), isn’t it! A Salesforce Consultants salary is huge, but factors like Geo-Location, Skill-sets, Certifications, and Experience can bring it down a bit. Nevertheless, a Salesforce Consultant’s Salary is still huge in India and other parts of the world. S2 Labs is a renowned Salesforce Training Institute and let us help you understand and motivate you to take up a career in Salesforce. 

Before we start talking about the remuneration of a Salesforce Consultant, let us have a better understanding of what a Salesforce Consultant’s roles and responsibilities are:

So what exactly does a Salesforce Consultant do?

Salesforce Consultants help companies implement and enhance the usage of the particular service availed. There are too many things they do, like gathering company data, discussing available options, proper guidance and recommendations, implementation and development, and being present until the client’s requirements are met and complete the project.

A Salesforce Consultant will also have to double up as a Trainer and train the workforce with the usage and new developments. Companies today are not holding themselves back when it comes to hiring a Salesforce Consultant as the responsibilities are too high and complex. A capable consultant can easily meet the company’s requirements and earn a good salary.

Some major roles and responsibilities are listed below:

  • Undertaking Short-term or Long-term projects.
  • Maintain and Manage the relationship with the clients.
  • Creating and Managing the assigned Projects with proper planning.
  • Collection of data using tools like Interviews, Surveys, and many more.
  • Arrange Training for new employees and also for new development in the SAAS platform.
  • Conducting Data & Situational Analysis

Take a look and understand the process through which a Salesforce Consultant helps the clients:

1)  Determining Phase:-

Since this will be the first point of contact with the client and their business, a certified Salesforce Consultant will have to collect all the data, understand the business’s pain points, understand the requirements, and suggest the best possible option.

2)  Ideation Phase:-

Once the data is accumulated, they have to sieve through the data and address the problems and how they can be solved. Once a solution is found, they have to dry run a check to see if it will be successful and then present the idea to the client.

3)  Development Phase:-

In this phase, with the help of a Salesforce Developer, the idea is brought into reality, and the apt platform is created.

4)  Deploying the Product:-

It is the final phase where the creation of detailed reports and documentation are prepared and presented along with the product to the client. 

Salesforce Consultants Salary in different parts of the world

Now that we move to the actual and main part of this blog and check the salary package that Salesforce Consultants earn in some different parts of the world:

The salary of a Salesforce Consultant in The USA:

From beginners to experienced to highly experienced get good salaries according to their skills. On average, a Salesforce Consultant in the USA earns around $120,000 per annum. Let us break it down on the payment basis for long term or short term services:

1)  Beginners:-

 A Salesforce Consultant beginner can expect a minimum salary of $70,000 to maximum of $90,000 on an yearly average. It can be broken down into per annum, monthly, weekly, and hourly rates. For example, have a look at the table below which depicts the minimum salary: 


2)  Experienced:-

An experienced (3-4 years) Salesforce Consultant can expect a minimum salary of $120,000 to maximum  $150,000 on an yearly average. It can be broken down into per annum, monthly, weekly, and hourly rates. For example, have a look at the table below which depicts the minimum salary: 


3)  Highly Experienced:-

A highly experienced (4+ years) Salesforce Consultant can expect a minimum salary of  $180,000 to  $250,000 on an yearly average. It can be broken down into per annum, monthly, weekly, and hourly rates. For example, have a look at the table below which depicts the minimum salary: 


Salesforce Consultants are present in all parts of America and a total of 22% is debited from their salary earned. 

The salary of a Salesforce Consultant in India:

1)  Beginner (Earnings in INR):-

A Salesforce Consultant in India on average nets a minimum salary of .INR Rs 220,000 to 513,000 (Beginners). 

2)  Experienced:-

The experienced Salesforce Consultants with an experience of 3-4 years earn anywhere between INR 450,000 to 900,000.  

3)  Highly Experienced:-

Salesforce Consultants in India who have 4+ years of experience earn anywhere between INR 720,000 to 120,000 and people with 10+ years of experience earn upto Rs 25,55,329. 

The tax rate is pegged at 14.8% that will be deducted from your earnings.

The salary of a Salesforce Consultant in Canada:

The salary of a Sales Consultant in Canada varies from British Columbia to Ontario to Quebec. Let’s take a look at the average and highest salary below:

1)  Beginner (Salary in CAD):-

A Salesforce entry level consultant can earn C$75,000 to C$97,550. Let’s take a look at the bare minimum salary:


2)  Experienced (Salary in CAD):-

An experienced Salesforce Consultant (3-4) years can draw a salary of C$100,000 to C$114,500. Have a look at the below table:


3)  Highly Experienced:-

A highly experienced Salesforce Consultant in Canada can earn an yearly remuneration of C$170,000. Have a look at the table below:


The tax rate is pegged at 22.18% which will be deducted from your earnings and paid to the government.

Salesforce Consultants are present throughout the world and earn handsomely in countries like Australia and many others.

Skills that can affect Salesforce Consultant Salary:

Every job requires specific skill-sets to get selected for that particular job or project. Salesforce Consultants should have excellent communication skills, presentation skills, flawless writing, problem-solving, and team player, to name a few. Forging strong interpersonal professional relationships along with other soft skills will land you a good career in Salesforce.

Technical skills like project management, sales, excellent customer service, business development, and an excellent understanding of the Salesforce platform and executing projects without any flaws are the main technical skills required to be a successful Salesforce Consultant.

To carve a niche in this field, you can opt for Salesforce training from S2 Labs.

Experience-Level Role Salesforce Consultant Salary:

Experience plays a major role in the profession, but that doesn’t mean that there is no scope for beginners to grow in this field. You will gradually grow by implementing Salesforce strategies and helping companies upscale their business.

A beginner at the start can be paid less for their service as they are newbies; intermediaries like Salesforce Consultants with 2- 4 years of experience will earn a notch higher than beginners. Highly experienced professionals with 4+ years of experience get a higher salary as they are seasoned players. 

Final Thoughts:

Almost all sectors like Finance, Corporate/Private sector, Software, and IT companies, and many others from the Services industry are using the Salesforce platform. You can anytime start your salesforce career and S2 Labs is the best place to begin with. We provide Salesforce Instructor-led Training through online and offline mode. Contact us and book your slot now!

Now is the time to get certified and start harnessing the power of the Salesforce platform and reap great rewards.

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