Are you a smart person who loves to communicate with people? If yes, then join us as a Business Development Executive.

In Episode 19 of the AskTheHulk Series series of the Salesforce Hulk Channel Fatima raised the question “What should be the next step or learning area for a Salesforce Administrator who wants to move towards the Salesforce BA profile?”

Before answering her question Shrey explained the meaning of What is Business Analyst.

After that Shrey suggested the following ways:

  1. Explore more and more Industries as a Salesforce Administrator
  2.  Learn Agile Methodology
  3. Improve Communication Skill

Watch the video to learn more about BA and the methods listed above.

Also, if there are any questions in your mind that are bothering you related to your career or Salesforce or anything else then don’t forget to ask them and get your doubts cleared by Shrey Sharma – Youngest Salesforce MVP 2019 | CEO @ Cyntexa & S2 Labs.

Wondering how to ask the question?Just create a post on LinkedIn with #AskTheHulk and tag Shrey Sharma and S2 Labs. Or you can get connected with Shrey Sharma on LinkedIn and ask your question by sending a message.

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