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Record Level Security in Salesforce

Record Level Security in Salesforce

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What is Record Level Security?What is Record Level Security?

Types of Implementing Salesforce Record-Level SecurityTypes of Implementing Salesforce Record-Level Security 

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What Is Salesforce Record Level Security ?

Record Level Security in Salesforce determines which individual records in each object can be viewed and edited by users they have access to in their profile.

The permission on a record is always evaluated according to a combination of object, field, and record-level security permission. When object-level permissions versus record-level permissions conflict, the most restrictive settings win.

To implement it the administrator needs to answer the following questions:

  • Should the users have open access to every record or a subset?
  • If it’s a subset then what rules should determine whether the user can access them?

Types of Implementing Salesforce Record-Level Security

Salesforce provides 4 ways to implement record-level sharing:

Record Level Security In Salesforce

  1. Org-wide defaults specify the default(base) level of access users have to each other’s records.
  2. Role hierarchies ensure managers have access to their subordinates’ records. Each role in the hierarchy represents a level of data access that a user or group of users needs.
  3. Sharing rules are automatic exceptions to org-wide defaults for particular groups of users, to give them access to records they don’t own or can’t normally see.
  4. Manual sharing lets record owners give read and edit permissions to users who might not have access to the record because of OWD.

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