Permission Sets in Salesforce (Object Level Security)


Permission sets in Salesforce are also a collection of settings and permissions that determine user’s access to various tools and functions on the platform.

Settings and permissions available in permission sets are also found in profiles but permission sets extend the functionality of users without changing their profiles.

Use permission set to grant additional access to specific users on top of their existing profile permissions, without having to modify an existing profile, create new profiles, or grant an administrator profile where it’s not necessary.


Permission Set Control:

  • Object Permission
  • Field Permission
  • User Permission
  • Tab Settings
  • App Settings
  • Apex class access
  • Visualforce Page access

There are a couple of ways to use the Permission Set in Salesforce:

1. To grant access to custom objects or entire apps.

2. To grant permissions-temporarily or long term-to specific fields

Permissions are additive which means we can’t remove a user’s existing permissions by assigning a permission set we can only add permissions. To limit access for a user or group of users, ensure that their base profile as well as any of their permission set limits this type of access.


The license type cannot be changed once assigned. And it is not mandatory while creating the permission set.


Click here to learn more about Organization-Wide Default.

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