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Operators in APEX

Operators in APEX

Types of Operators

1. Add/Sub:

  • If X and Y are integers or doubles then add or subtract the value of Y from X and if any X or Y is double then the result is double.
  • If X is a date and Y is an integer then it returns a new date that is incremented or decremented by the specified number of days.
  • If X s a DateTime and Y is an integer or double then it returns a new DateTime which is incremented or decremented by a specified number of days with a fractional portion corresponding to a portion of the day.

Ex: main() {

Double d = 5.2;

DateTime dt = new;

DateTime finalDate = dt -d ;




Note: Only in the case of ‘+’ if X is a string and Y is a string or any other type of non-null argument then it concatenates Y to the end of X.


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