Manual Sharing in Salesforce


In Salesforce Manual Sharing, records are shared individually with other users by using the share button on the record. Sometimes it is not possible to define a consistent group of users who need access to a particular record that is where manual sharing comes in. Salesforce Manual Sharing allows the users to share the record to users who would not have access to the record any other way.

Only these 4 users can share the record:

  • Record Owner
  • A user in a role above the owner in the role hierarchy.
  • Users granted “Full Access” to record.
  • Administrator

Sometimes granting access to records also includes access to its associated records. The sharing button is available when your sharing model is either “Private” or “Public Read-Only” for a type of record or related record. Records can be shared manually with groups, roles, roles & subordinates, and individual users.


There are 4 access levels that determine the access provided to users

1. Full access:

Users with full access can view, edit, delete, and transfer the record. These users can also extend sharing access to other users. Users cannot grant full access to other users.


2. Read/Write:

Users can view and edit the record and add associated records, notes, and attachments to it.


3. Read Only:

Users can view the record and add associated records to it. They cannot edit the records or add notes and attachments.


4. Private:

Users cannot access the record in any way.



Different Types of groups, users, roles & territories:



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