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Managing Salesforce Password Policies (Control Access to Organization)

Managing Salesforce Password Policies (Control Access to Organization)

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How to manage your Org's password?How to manage your Org's password?

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What Is Managing Salesforce Password Policies?

Password policies in Salesforce are configured to ensure that the user’s password is strong and secure. Managing Password Policies is important.

There are several settings to ensure this:

Password Policies

Set login and password policies, such as minimum password length, the type of password complexity, and specifying the amount of time before all user’s passwords expire.

User Password Expiration

Expire the passwords for all the users in your organization after a specific duration, except for users with “Password Never Expires” permission.

User Password Resets

Reset a password for specific users.

Login Attempts And Lockout Periods

Specifies the number of attempts a user can make and if a user is locked out due to too many failed login attempts, the administrator can unlock its access.

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