Lookup Filter in Salesforce


Salesforce Lookup Filter limits which records can be associated within an object relationship. It can be applied to Lookup, Master Detail, and Hierarchical Relationship Fields.


Schema Builder in Salesforce


Schema Builder provides a dynamic environment for viewing and modifying all the objects and relationships in an app. This greatly simplifies the task of designing, implementing, and modifying the data model, or schema.

It can be used to view existing schema and interactively add new custom objects, custom fields, and relationships, simply by dragging and dropping. This eliminates the need to click from page to page to find the details of a relationship or to add a new custom field to an object in the schema.

Schema Builder provides details such as the field values, required fields, and how objects are related by displaying lookup and master-detail relationships. The fields and relationships can be viewed for both standard and custom objects.

Schema Builder is enabled by default and lets administrators add the following to the schema:

    • Custom objects
    • Lookup relationships
    • Master-detail relationships
  • All custom fields except: Geolocation

Let us now look at Cross Object Formula Field.


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