Data Security in Salesforce


Salesforce Data security deals with the security or sharing settings of data and visibility between users or groups of users across the organization. platform provides a flexible, layered sharing model that makes it easy to assign different data sets to different sets of users.

Security and Sharing model can be configured entirely using the user interface yet it is implemented at the API level which means any permissions specified for objects, records and fields apply even if a user query or update the data via API calls.


Salesforce Level of Data Access


The data access on Salesforce is configured in four levels, the following are:

Organization Level

The access to the whole organization is secured at this level by maintaining a list of authorized users, setting password policies, and limiting login access to certain hours and certain locations.


Object Level

Object-level security provides the simplest way to control which users have access to which data. By setting permissions on a particular type of object, you can prevent a group of users from creating, viewing, editing, or deleting any records of that object.


Field Level

Field Level security restricts access to certain fields, even for objects a user already has access to.


Record Level

Record Level security lets users access some records but not others. It is used to control data access with greater precision. Users can have access to view an object, but can be restricted to the individual records.



Always make a table for various types of users and the level of access of data that each user has in your organization to implement a security and sharing model.

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