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Lead conversion in Salesforce is a process in which a lead record is converted into Accounts, Contacts & Opportunities. This happens when a lead is identified as a qualified Sales prospect.

When a lead is converted:

  • A contact, account & opportunity are created and populated with the lead’s data (unless otherwise specified during conversion).
  • The lead field “Converted” is changed from false to true.

After the conversion, the lead record cannot be viewed or edited as a lead but it can be viewed in reports as a lead that means the record is still present. The data within standard lead fields are automatically transferred to contact/account and/or opportunity. The data within custom lead fields to transfer to the contact/account/opportunity during lead conversion, the administrator must map the custom lead fields.



A custom lead field can only be mapped to a single field on either contact, account, or opportunity.


If the account/contact/opportunity already exists then

  • There is no way to convert a lead to an existing opportunity.
  • When we convert a lead Salesforce attempts to find an account with the same name as the field “Company” on the lead record. If an account name contains the company’s name, then you will have the option to use the existing record.
  • If we attach the lead to an existing account and the lead name matches the name of an existing contact, then you will have the option to use the existing contact record also.


  • Converted leads cannot be modified at all.
  • It is not always necessary to create an opportunity when converting a lead.
  • The default record type for the user performing the lead conversion is selected automatically for records created in the conversion process.
  • Once a lead is converted it cannot be reverted to an unconverted state.
  • Salesforce does not overwrite existing Account/Contact data on lead conversion.

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