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Salesforce is the world’s best CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. It is a fantastic tool to support the sales and marketing teams worldwide. The cloud technology that most businesses use helps them connect with their existing and potential customers. Salesforce has helped several businesses, institutions, and non-profit organizations that allow them to connect with their customers.
People use CRM so that they can keep their businesses running. For any of these businesses, the Salesforce Administrator is vital so that the business can get success. However, before moving further, you need to learn about salesforce admin and their responsibilities. To know about all these things in detail, you can keep reading!

What is a Salesforce Admin?

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Salesforce Admin or administrator is the person who works with the stakeholders that help define the requirements of your system and customize the platform. They perform several things that help get the most out of the Salesforce technology to help you make things easier for the user. Of course, just like the work, they get a better salary, too; the average annual Salesforce Administrator salary is $79,000- $123,500.

The administrator understands everything about the platform and works on that platform to help achieve the company’s goals. There are several things that they have to handle, and that is why many companies employ people who can perform the roles and fulfill the responsibilities. The other people in the company depend on the Salesforce Administrator for several purposes, such as maintaining the platform, keeping it updated with the tools and capabilities, and making it easy for the users to use it.

The Salesforce Administrator guides the people about the Salesforce and explains everything related to that. It connects your business with technology and makes things better.

Roles and Responsibilities

Since the job revolves around assisting the team, there are a plethora of duties and responsibilities you may have thought of. Here are mentioned all those roles and responsibilities that a salesforce administrator has.

Roles and Responsibilities of Salesforce Admin

1. Maintaining an Accurate Database of Customer Along With Prospect Information

The first and foremost duty is to develop a database that has all the information regarding the current customers and prospective customers. This duty also requires the salesforce administrator to regularly maintain the database with accurate information.

2. Processing Of Paperwork

Once the salesperson generates the sale, it is the responsibility of a salesforce admin to put the sale in the company system. The admin needs to know how to enter the data into the computer and file the paper orders. In simpler words, they are the ones who take the next step once the salesperson makes even a single sale.

3. Communication with the Customer

Did you know that a salesforce admin has a crucial role in customer service? In fact, they are the ones who fix the issues in case the customer has a problem with the delivery of the product.

4. Updating Sales Figures

Since the company is expected to make sales every day, the sales figures change every second. So a salesforce administrator must update these figures. Usually, this is done after the sales process is completed by the administrator. For this specific task, they need to have advanced knowledge of the spreadsheet software.  

Skills required to be a Salesforce Admin

If you want to become a Salesforce administrator. In that case, you need to develop some skills that will help you reach your full potential and need to adapt habits of a Salesforce Administrator that gonna provide incredible results. Here are some of the skills that you need to develop are mentioned here-

Skills required to become Salesforce Administrator
  • Project Management skills

When you work as a Salesforce Administrator, you need to know about it. You should look for the knowledge, tools, techniques, and skills that will help you meet the company’s goals and needs. You need to develop project management skills that can be possible if you do better task management, planning, execution, quality management, and leadership. You need to listen to what stakeholders are saying and then analyze that to come up with a better solution.

  • Business analysis skills

The person needs to improve the business’s efficiency that helps you get success in Salesforce Admin. The crucial thing in this process is to analyze the process and documentation. It helps in keeping the transparency of the company and makes it unique. While you perform these things, it will help you know the process, information, people, and other things involved in the business activities.

  • Leadership skills

When you work as the Salesforce admin, your job is unique in the company. Getting better is essential, which you can get from anywhere. That is why leadership can come to anyone in the organization. You must have both business and technical skills to become the leader of innovation in the company. But to do that, you need to invest your time in it and improve your communication skills. In addition, you need to increase the engagement with the stakeholders and build strong relationships with the other Admins and partners.

Career and Scope for a Salesforce Admin

Choosing a career as the Salesforce Admin can be the best you can have because it will have a growing impact on the business. The Salesforce administrator’s salary is $73000 or even more in the starting only. You can get several opportunities if you choose this as your career.

You can learn several things and enjoy using all the latest technologies.
People, who get the Salesforce Administrator Certificate, can supplement their current role in the company to secure a better or higher salary later. But some use this in their resume to have better and higher-level job opportunities. So it does not matter which company you work for or which position; a career as a Salesforce administrator will be the best!


Starting a career as a Salesforce Administrator can be the best decision one can make. If you want to become one, you will have to learn about it and get the certification; getting one from S2 labs will offer you the best services, and you can understand better. 

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