How To Pass The Salesforce Developer Certification Exam?

Blog Publised On: Mar 17, 2022

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According to the company,, Inc. has been named the CRM market leader for the sixth consecutive year. Salesforce CRM is already in use by over 150,000 enterprises worldwide, including well-known brands such Sony, the Financial Times, Toyota, and many others. In addition, Salesforce is predicted to produce around 9.3 million jobs by 2026, including roles for developers, as the number of people utilizing the Salesforce CRM continues to rise exponentially.

Who is a Salesforce Developer?

When it comes to Salesforce development, programmers who work with various SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms are called “force multipliers.” By the way, they are not required to be employed by Salesforce directly. Instead, a Salesforce developer is someone who has a solid understanding of how Salesforce works, as well as extensive hands-on experience working with the system. A client or customer hires the developer to modify Salesforce to meet their business requirements. These developers use technologies such as Apex and Visualforce and frameworks such as Lightning Component.

Job Duties of Salesforce Developers

Salesforce functionality may be tailored to meet specific business requirements through two methods: configuration and customization. Developers are mostly responsible for Salesforce customization, although they may also assist with Salesforce configuration tasks.

In some instances, Salesforce customization is required when the point-and-click capabilities offered in Salesforce are insufficient to automate specific business requirements. Examples of Salesforce customizations are as follows:

  • Business processes that are complicated and non-linear are being automated.
  • Using Salesforce to integrate with other platforms (ERP, company website, social media, etc.).
  • Customizing Reports and dashboards is a common task.
  • Adding Einstein AI capabilities to CRM systems, and so on.

Businesses hire a Salesforce Developer to help them with the customization settings.

Salesforce Developer Certification Exams – What to Expect

In keeping with this history, Salesforce has created the Salesforce Developer certification for specialists who understand and are exposed to the platform and wish to create bespoke applications to meet the needs of their customers and prospects. The accreditation is designed to serve as a distinguishing mark for professionals’ abilities. As a result, the odds of professionals obtaining a profitable job improve due to passing the Salesforce Developer certification exam.

The Salesforce PD-1 Certification, also known as Salesforce CRT-450, is designed to verify that the person who takes the certification test has hands-on experience designing bespoke applications for Salesforce customers.

You may be wondering how to obtain Salesforce Developer certification. In the next portion of this Salesforce PD-1 Certification blog post, you will learn about a salesforce developer’s abilities to pass the certification test successfully.

It is unnecessary to have any prior knowledge to sit for either the Salesforce Platform App Builder or the Platform Developer I exams. Preparing with a Salesforce Training Institute, on the other hand, is strongly suggested. Additionally, to be eligible for the Platform Developer II test, you must have earned the Developer I certification.

Guide For Salesforce Developer Certification Exams

guide for salesforce developer certification

 Learn Basic Coding

To be a successful Salesforce Developer, it is advised that you have a working knowledge of various coding languages, with Java being the first and foremost. So, what are the benefits of studying Java before learning Salesforce Development? Java is a good place to start if you want to learn how to write in Salesforce utilizing the Apex programming language (for custom code) and Visualforce (for user interface). In addition to Windows, Linux, and Mac OS, Java is a programming language that’s also extensively used on various platforms and operating systems, including the Java Virtual Machine. Also, you can easily find the basic free salesforce developer tutorial online.

Prerequisites for Salesforce Developer Certification

You learned about the responsibilities of a salesforce developer in the preceding parts. A person must possess various qualifications and abilities to achieve the Salesforce Developer certification because these duties involve technical characteristics, such as programming. These prerequisites and talents are as follows:

  • They should be well-versed in the ideas of object-oriented programming.
  • They need to be familiar with data structures & database principles.
  • They must also be proficient in Apex programming, which is required to develop Salesforce apps.

Start with Trailhead

Trailhead is Salesforce’s free website where you may begin studying Salesforce and earn badges and points as you progress through the ranks of “Trailblazer Ranks,” which include Scout, Hiker, Explorer, and so on, all the way up to Ranger. Trailhead is focused solely on theoretical knowledge, yet it is an excellent place to begin your journey to become a Certified Salesforce Developer. It will provide you with the fundamental knowledge needed to prepare for a Salesforce Learning course and certification:

  • Trail: Developer Beginner
  • Trail: Developer Intermediate
  • Trail: Developer Advanced

Study Strategy

Now that you understand the certification, its prerequisites, and other test information, it is time to start studying for the exam in question. To do this, you would need a study method tailored to the specific needs of the test.

If you want to get a decent result on the Salesforce Developer certification exam, you should concentrate on areas with a larger weighting in the test. For example, as previously stated, the issues of logic and process automation and user interface are each given a 38 and 25 percent weighting, respectively. But, depending on the importance of the courses to learn salesforce development, you will also have to cover the rest of the syllabus.

As soon as you have mastered the fundamentals, it would help if you began working on a real-time project as it is one of the most beneficial techniques you may take to gain valuable expertise in the field. Because of this, you will be able to build experience. S2 Labs provides Salesforce Development Training where you will get the chance to learn while working on real-time projects and assignments.

How to Get Training in Salesforce Development Certification Exams

Join A Official Salesforce Developer Course

There are two separate certifications available for Salesforce Developers for those who are just starting. Certifications in this category include the Salesforce Platform Developer 1 and the Salesforce Certified Platform Developer 2.

Joining a Salesforce Development Course is essential to advance your abilities because they provide instructor-led training and teach you all the concepts of Salesforce in detail that will assist you in achieving your certification goals. 

Strategies for Salesforce Developer Certification Exam Learners

Practice, Practice, and More Practice

It’s all in preparation! This is something you would hear us mention a lot. Hands-on experience is the only way to improve your skills. It is the key to your learning success and, therefore, will assist you in navigating your way through the exam you are prepared for with less stress and anxiety.

Take your time

Don’t attempt to absorb everything at once. The amount of information to digest and get comfortable with will take some time; thus, be patient. For Salesforce Development, you’ll need at the very least 1.5 months, and ideally three or more months, especially if you’re a complete novice. In addition, some issues are more straightforward than others. Therefore, you will find that you may need to practice the most difficult topics several times before you are comfortable with them.

The career path of a Salesforce developer

The career ladder of a Salesforce developer is divided into three levels: junior, medium, and senior level. A senior Salesforce developer may choose to pursue a career as a Salesforce architect or consultant.

A Salesforce architect represents the pinnacle of a Salesforce developer’s professional development when it comes to technological advancement. The architect creates an architectural model of Salesforce CRM and bespoke apps as per the customer’s business requirements. To be successful in this job, you must have a strong Salesforce development experience and a thorough understanding of all Salesforce products and development tools.

A Salesforce consultant serves as a liaison between a customer and a technical team. The consultant evaluates the client’s business requirements and recommends the most appropriate Salesforce solution to meet those requirements. Therefore, it is critical to discern between situations in which Salesforce customization is truly necessary and those in which it is sufficient to configure the system.


The job role of ‘Salesforce Developer’ is an excellent choice for recent graduates who have gained a new interest in the field of sales. A job as a Salesforce Developer provides a wide range of opportunities and has seen nothing but development since its beginning. 

You can learn Salesforce development from the best trainers with S2 Labs.