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It has become a known fact that Salesforce has become the world’s number 1 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, and is also known as ‘Customer Success Platform’. The services provided by Salesforce offer a global transformation as it is one of the most well-recognized as well as the topmost cloud-based CRM solution provider across the globe. The further generation of insightful customer relationships provides intelligent business returns that it acquires, along with ensuring efficiency that it has earned over the years. It also provides enough proof to prove its own superiority as compared to its peers in the world of CRM.

The task force involved in this huge success and growing customers all across the world are – Salesforce Developers, Salesforce Administrators, and Salesforce Consultants. Out of this trio, the entire workforce of Salesforce Developers is considered to be the backbone of the entire CRM who are responsible for leading the projects and further lay down the foundation stone for any upcoming Salesforce implementation case.

The above-mentioned task force has quite a huge demand and that too in the majority of the industry segments like IT and computer software, financial services, marketing, and advertising, healthcare, and hospitals, etc.

They need to work persistently over the Salesforce platform but at the same time, there is an abundance of existing roles and responsibilities that they have in hand. This is due to the vastness that this Salesforce software solution currently holds. Furthermore, these programmers that are involved, work in major areas like Salesforce customization, configuration, and building custom apps for Salesforce.

Moreover, there are specific skill sets that are made essential to become an efficient Salesforce developer. Also, there are available certifications that aim to add more on to the skill set, though not put up as mandatory. Some of them are Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder, Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I & II.

In this blog, we will discuss what all encompasses in the training for Salesforce Development and that too with the best salesforce development training centers.

Best Ways: Learn with Shrey Sharma

In the year 2016, Shrey had begun with his own Salesforce training company “S2 Labs”. With this, he has trained more than 3000+ students up till now and is further providing Salesforce training worldwide. He was the first one to start Salesforce training in Rajasthan, India. 

With the help of Shrey Sharma or S2 Labs, you can begin with the first step of launching your career in Salesforce with their Salesforce Certification Training Courses.

The candidate could learn from Salesforce Platform Development Certification Training Tutorials for free, here. In this course, knowledge about the Salesforce Platform Developer Basics, customizing Salesforce using a programmatic approach, manipulating your data using Apex including Apex Triggers, SOQL, SOSL, and Apex Testing, building custom UIs through Visualforce, Lightning Components, and LWC will be provided. The integration through APIs in Salesforce could also be learned easily.

Moreover, with S2 Labs, the candidate can further dive deep into the premium Salesforce Development Course, specifically designed by Shrey Sharma, and master the key concepts of Salesforce. This will be a premium training course that ensures to provide the candidate an extraordinary Learning Experience and will also help in cracking the Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification with ease. The candidate can learn through the high-quality pre-recorded video lectures at their own pace. Also, you’ll get a chance to be in a live training class and have your queries solved through one-on-one conversation with the instructor.

Learning Salesforce with Trailhead

Another provider of Salesforce Certifications online courses is 

Trailhead. It ensures that proper help is provided to the developers who further need to migrate from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience, the modern development platform, which itself provides quite a great deal of declarative code so that coding can be further standardized and made user-friendly. Modules also showcase the users over how to exactly program in Apex, JavaScript as well as Visualforce.

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The learning program has been designed to help the users by providing a series of interactive assessments which would help in identifying whether the learners have learned the content or not. Gamification is properly built into the Trailhead program so that the developers could also earn badges for the milestones that are reached in their Trailhead education.

Instructor-led Salesforce Training Classes

Instructor-led classes are said to be requiring more scheduling along with proper coordination from the team as compared to self-paced or even unstructured training. Also, some more unique benefits are also offered with the same. The team of developers and even students would find it more beneficial and easy to learn from the best experts with the Salesforce training that are specifically instructor-led. Here, the students would be able to have a one-on-one conversation with the experts and could easily ask follow-up questions and ensure that each concept has been fully grasped. The structured environment, that is provided with such training classes, would also most likely push the beginners (like students) in the field of Salesforce or professional developers to ensure learning well and further in keeping everyone on track and up-to-date with the evolving changes in the Salesforce platform.S2 Labs provides instructor-led classroom training for learning Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Platform Developer, Lightning Components, and comprehensively lighting Web Components. Along with the same, they will also provide practical assignments, real-time projects, personalized support & mentorship, along with Salesforce Certification Practice Tests. Moreover, for each of the courses, EMIs are also provided.


Salesforce development is an amazing choice for your career either as a fresher or experienced professional. If you wish to look at the future for yourself while being involved in Salesforce Development, then it is truly a great opportunity as you will be able to grow in the same ratio as the level of experience will grow. To become a Salesforce Developer, one has the option to start their journey by first improving with their Salesforce Admin skills. After becoming a Salesforce Administrator, the next step is to master the Salesforce Development Skills and ensure to further create an important space for yourself in the workplace.

If you want to start your career in Salesforce Development and are in search of a good training center for the various Salesforce Certifications like Salesforce Admin, Salesforce Developers, etc., you can contact us at the best salesforce classroom training center, S2 Labs.

The Salesforce Training Program is a personalized Salesforce Classroom Training Program that has been designed and curated by Shrey Sharma himself.

This training program will provide you the certificate training courses for Salesforce Administrator, Platform App Builder, Salesforce Platform Developer, Lightning Components, and Lighting Web Components in 2.5 months (150 hours).

 In case, after reading this blog, you have made up your mind to grow towards the Salesforce Development course, hurry up and contact us while booking the nearest slots before they also get fully booked!

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