How To Become a Salesforce Consultant

Blog Publised On: Nov 01, 2021

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Salesforce tops the list of most popular CRMs used across the world. So, learning Salesforce opens up several career opportunities for deserving candidates. Salesforce Consultant is one such highly promising opportunity along with fame, wealth, and a distinguished social reputation. In this article, we will provide you with the major details about this examination, eligibility criteria, and Salesforce Training information.

Who is a Salesforce Consultant?

A Salesforce consultant is a professional who engages in database designing, maintenance, and implementation to connect business enterprises with their respective clients. He is responsible for strengthening and maintaining business-client relations. 

The person achieves this by strategic Salesforce Implementation and efficient management of various functions that influence work productivity and customer relations.

Who can Become a Salesforce Consultant? 

The candidates interested in appearing for the Salesforce consultant examination need good knowledge about various basic concepts in Salesforce and how the platform functions. An ideal training provider efficiently delivers all this knowledge to the candidates preparing for this examination. It makes the candidate officially eligible to appear in the certification exam. 

The skill requirements also vary as per the scope of responsibilities and functions you are willing to undertake. If one is interested in becoming a Salesforce Consultant, the very first thing to consider is the qualifications along with the experience needed for the same. One of the main assets here could be a good experience in the Business field. Typically, people look forward to hiring Salesforce Consultants who actually have a background in the relevant industry.

The next thing that should be considered is platform knowledge along with the relevant certifications like Salesforce Admin, Salesforce Developer, etc. The longer the experience one has with Salesforce, the more likely they can achieve the higher paid roles, especially if a Salesforce Consultant certification is added to the CV or resume. 

Steps to Become a Salesforce Consultant:

So as to become a Salesforce Consultant, one can need to follow the steps as mentioned below, in brief:

Developing a rich Experience Background:-

The first part is to ensure extensive experience in the CRM (customer relationship management) systems as it is quite crucial for Salesforce consultants. In order to grab a role as a consultant, it is quite necessary to show the would-be employer that the candidate has the knowledge over how to use the latest technology to their advantage. Salesforce has various platforms and tools within it, which a consultant must have good knowledge over how to navigate each platform, from the Service Cloud to the Marketing Cloud, to support business goals.  

Enrolling in a Salesforce Consultant Certification Training Program:-

A Salesforce certification provides the candidate with quite an in-depth understanding of the platform and also increases the insight into sales and customer relations in general. Moreover, as one goes deeper into learning about the platform, the candidate will further discover several Salesforce-based tools that might not be known to an individual despite their level of expertise and years of practice.

The scope, as well as versatility of Salesforce as a CRM platform, further implies that there is more than one avenue existing for the consultants for the exploration part. Salesforce provides 6 separate certifications that the consultants could also use so as to demonstrate their own skills in customer relationship management.

For the same, several training programs are available in several online Salesforce training institutes like Trailhead, S2Labs by Shrey Sharma, etc.

Improving Communication Intelligence:-

The right education along with the experience has been considered to be quite crucial for a Salesforce consultant. At the same time, it is also essential for the candidate to have the right soft skills as well. When the clients come to any company while searching for Salesforce expertise, they would also be searching for someone who has the ability to drive significant changes within their own company culture. 

Salesforce consultants need to be capable of further analyzing the needs of the businesses carefully, and based on the same, further offer suggestions to the IT teams in terms which everyone will be able to understand. As a Salesforce consultant, the candidate is required to know how exactly to translate the language of a CRM system into something that all the employees, as well as departments, will be able to grasp.

Enhancing the Analytical and Listening Skills:-

Salesforce consultants should also be well adept in listening as well as for analytics. The results of the work that a consultant does are actually based on the information that has been gathered from workshops and meetings. This further implies that the consultants are required to be able to absorb the ideas and sometimes even read between the lines as well.  

When the candidate is developing their career plan, there should be the prime focus overlooking opportunities that will help in building their analytical as well as judgment skills. While being able to demonstrate the expertise in problem-solving situations, the candidate would further gain support from the everyday business environment, and also in any competency-based interviews, they would have while developing the career in Salesforce

Keep Learning:-

Lastly, as the evolution in the Salesforce ecosystem continues, it marks the commitment to continuous learning of a great consultant.

The Salesforce certifications are made available in multiple paths, even within the consulting space. The more a candidate builds on their training with new knowledge, the easier it will further be to serve the various needs of quite a diverse range of clients and employers.  

A strong commitment to consistent learning would also include networking with the other industry experts and that too within the Salesforce Ohana community. There are several forums and events which are specially designed to support professionals on their path to a new Salesforce career.   


Salesforce consultant is a very rewarding profession that promises healthy career growth, stability, and a very good pay scale. Being a central role in any organization a Salesforce consultant enjoys a leadership reputation which also helps in elevating the social reputation and lifestyle perks. 

If you are looking for a Salesforce Certification training institute, you have come to the right place. Enroll in the Instructor-led training program in S2Labs by Shrey Sharma and learn Salesforce in the best Salesforce Classroom training program under the mentorship of one of the best trainers in the industry. We offer online and offline training so that you can choose what suits you best. We provide Classroom training for Salesforce Administrator and App Builder and Salesforce Platform Developer Certification Courses.

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