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Salesforce is considered to be the world’s most popular CRM platform while having at least a 20% market share, and there has been increasing demand for jobs at those companies wherein Salesforce platforms and applications are being used. Some of the well-established and high-profile companies around the world use the Salesforce platform. For instance, T Mobile, 21st Century Fox, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Unilever, and most of the big pharma companies use Salesforce.

With this continuous popularity among several companies of all shapes and sizes, in 2018, International Data Corporation has named Salesforce the No. 1 CRM provider worldwide for the fifth consecutive year and thus making Salesforce grow as an in-demand job skill.

Salesforce developers, administrators, and analysts are being more in demand than ever in the past, and these jobs further seek talent and experience with the service, which is also growing at a rapid rate. The jobs demanding these Salesforce skills have been growing fast across the board.

In this blog, the increasing growth of the Salesforce Job Market has been discussed briefly along with statistics to prove its growth.

The Salesforce Jobs Are Growing:

With the ongoing increasing demand for Salesforce on a global level, the demand for Salesforce developers has also seen a rapid increase. Salesforce announced in a new study from IDC (International Data Corporation) that has found that Salesforce and its ecosystem of partners will create about 9.3 million new jobs by the year 2026. With the help of the same source, there has been a study that showcased a huge increase in jobs, in the current scenario, that requires Salesforce skills, and the Salesforce ecosystem has been predicted to bring up 3.3 million new jobs and over $850 billion in revenues worldwide by the year 2022. This is about 1.4 million more than the 1.9 million new jobs that were predicted for the year 2020. An important factor for this increased growth in the jobs related to Salesforce would be the further increase in Salesforce mobile adoption.

With more and more companies building out their digital HQs to enable supporting an ever-increasing remote workforce of Salesforce professionals, there has been an increasing demand for job prospects related to Salesforce skills. Candidates are required to have the best knowledge of the basics of the Salesforce skills so as to ensure smooth working of the companies as per their demands. This way, the companies would be well-assured to enable smoother working in situations like remote work and remote contact with customers, while also making it possible to have new products being developed by the Salesforce professionals in mere weeks, rather than taking months for the same work.

Salesforce Partner Ecosystem Driving Salesforce Jobs Globally:

As per a study, the Salesforce Ecosystem Will Drive 9.3 Million New Jobs By the year 2026. There are about a million jobs present in the Salesforce partner ecosystem. Moreover, as there is an increase in the demand for Salesforce Development Companies, there is a higher need for Salesforce professionals as well.

The Salesforce partner ecosystem would be able to help the customers to grow at a faster pace. The Salesforce partner ecosystem further includes consulting partners, independent software vendors (ISVs), and resellers that aim to bring the power of several apps and the needed expertise to solve customer challenges. This way the need for Salesforce professionals has also grown larger as the Salesforce partner ecosystem is growing its customer base.

Paving Pathways that would help in Unlocking Career Opportunities in the Salesforce Economy:

Out of all the new jobs, about 23% that have been created in the Salesforce customer base this year can leverage quite significant digital skills. These skills include using automation tools, the Internet of Things ( IoT), along other complex applications. Trailhead, which is a well-known Salesforce’s free online learning platform, along with its Trailblazer Community, aims at increasing the pace of this learning with the help of peer-to-peer knowledge, sharing as well as proper support, has empowered everyone in learning the digital skills that are a must for the increasing Salesforce economy.

What are the Most In-demand Salesforce Job Opportunities?

Most Important Salesforce Job

As per a study, of the several specific roles in Salesforce, the most in-demand roles are found for Salesforce Administrator as well as Salesforce Developer. This has been based on ‘Indeed’s list of Top 10 best jobs of 2017’ in the United States. The Salesforce Administrator job had been ranked fourth whereas the Salesforce Developer role had come in sixth place.

The Salesforce business analyst was the Salesforce-specific role that has showcased the greatest growth in terms of new jobs. The second-fastest growth in this regard was seen by the Salesforce Developer role, which was further followed by Salesforce Administrator and Salesforce Network Engineer, also called the solution architect.

Salesforce Business Analyst:

The Salesforce business analyst has been given the responsibility for the Salesforce configuration. This includes the configuration of the fields, dashboards, reports, automation, third-party apps, along with objects. The analyst has the further role of testing and later making changes. Additionally, there is a collaboration of analysts with the consultant which would help in ensuring that the solution has been built to meet the exact or specific requirements of the client. 

Salesforce Developer:

The Salesforce Developer has also been considered as a key member of the Salesforce project team. This is due to the reason that Salesforce Developers are given the responsibility of writing the code whenever it is most essential in a Salesforce project. The developer gets into collaboration with the technical lead to have a better understanding of the requirement, which is followed by the execution part of the requirement.

Salesforce Administrator:

The Program Manager or Salesforce Administrator has been considered as the most important member of any Salesforce project. This has been especially true for the projects that require the involvement of a large team and that too with a lot of varied roles. The Program Manager has been given the responsibility for scheduling, coordinating, as well as better communication. Additionally, they need to ensure that everything that has been going on, goes according to the specified plan. This further ensures to make things quite easier for the other members of the same project team.

Solution Architect:

The Solution Architect is considered to be the second most important member of a Salesforce project team. They know all the ins as well as outs of various business models. In addition to this, they have great knowledge of the Salesforce platform. Moreover, the Solution Architect further collaborates with a Salesforce consultant to design a specific technical solution that would ensure the robust use of Salesforce. They can also work with an analyst which would help in ensuring the system’s successful configuration.


From the above information, it can be well concluded that the demand for Salesforce jobs and related skills is growing up. A successful Salesforce implementation would be requiring proper planning along with a higher commitment level. This further implies that it is a requirement for any organization that uses Salesforce technology, to have the right combination of people, processes, and technology. The people part is considered to be more important because it will mostly define the difference between success and failure. The main aim for any organization should be to build up the perfect Salesforce project team.

This implies that there is a higher need for the organization to hire the best Salesforce professionals. It’s high time for the candidates to build up their portfolios well so as to grab the job in the growing Salesforce ecosystem.

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