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Shubham asked, “How Can I Get a Salesforce Certification Voucher?” in the fourth episode of AskTheHulk.

“You must earn the Salesforce Voucher”, Shrey replied. Start participating in salesforce events and tech talks if you want to earn a salesforce voucher.

He has also explained what a salesforce voucher is and the advantages of getting one in this video.

Darshana also wanted to know “How to do Hands-on Salesforce?” in this episode.

Shrey has suggested volunteering the work for those who are in this field for a long time, and this is going to work for you if you need hands-on experience in Salesforce.

If you want to learn more about Salesforce Voucher, then watch the video now!

Also, if any questions in your mind are bothering you related to your career or Salesforce or anything else, don’t forget to ask them and get your doubts cleared by Shrey Sharma – Youngest Salesforce MVP 2019 | CEO @ Cyntexa & S2 Labs.

Just create a post on LinkedIn with #AskTheHulk and tag Shrey Sharma and S2 Labs. Or you can be Wondering how to ask the question?

Get connected with Shrey Sharma on LinkedIn and ask your question by sending a message.

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