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On September 2021, Shrey launched his podcast series named “The Shrey Sharma Show” on his youtube Channel Salesforce Hulk. The first guest on the show was Christopher A Hopper. He is one of the top recruiters in the Salesforce community. During the conversation, they addressed the following questions:

1.What’s Christopher’s story behind becoming a Salesforce Recruiter or getting into the Salesforce industry?

2. What exactly is his job role and what does a usual day in his work life looks like?

3. What candidates are currently focusing on and what should they actually focus on?

4. How is hiring different in the USA than in India?

5. What made him go from being a CRM consultant to a Recruiter?

6. What is the power of personal brand in the job market?

7. Where do he see himself in the Salesforce ecosystem heading in the next 3-5 years? Is he optimistic about it or not?

8. What things will help a fresher get their first job?

9. What is the one main reason why a person starts looking for a switch in their job? What companies should do to attract & retain talent? 

Watch the full episode to get all the answers.

Below are some short clips from the episode on YouTube:

Listen Here

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