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Global Picklists and Field Dependency in Salesforce

Global Picklists and Field Dependency in Salesforce

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tick What is a global picklist?

tickHow to create and use a global picklist?

tick About Salesforce Field Dependency

What Is Global Picklists In Salesforce? 

Global Picklists are used for sharing a single list of values across many custom picklists or multi-select picklist fields across different objects. And Whenever any change is needed in the list, that change is required to be made in that picklist value set(global picklist) only, and automatically everywhere it will be reflected.

It is a restricted picklist. The list of values in the global picklist gets locked and cannot be edited on custom picklist fields.

About Salesforce Field Dependency

Field Dependency in Salesforce are filters that allow us to change the content of a picklist based on the value of another field (Checkbox/picklist/Multi-select picklist).

There are two terminologies used in field dependency:

1. Controlling Field In Salesforce

The value of this field controls the value of the dependent field.

2. Dependent Field In Salesforce

The value of this field depends on the value of the controlling field.

Data Type  Controlling  Dependent
Standard Picklist  YES NO
Custom Picklist  YES YES
Custom Multi Picklist  NO YES
Standard checkbox  YES NO
Custom checkbox  YES NO

Imagine there are three picklist fields f1, f2, and f3. Below are the scenarios mentioned to explain the possibilities.

a) f1 can be dependent on f2, and f2 cannot be dependent on f1.

b) f1 can be dependent on f2. f2 can be dependent on f3. then now, f3 cannot be directly dependent on f1 or f2.

c) f1 and f2 can be dependent on f3.

d) f1 cannot be dependent on both f2 and f3.

Note: We can set default values for controlling fields but not for dependent picklists.

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