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Development Environments In Salesforce

Development Environments In Salesforce

What You’ll Learn

Production EnvironmentsWhat is Development Environments?

What Is Sandbox In Salesforce?What Is Sandbox In Salesforce?

Types Of Sandbox In SalesforceTypes Of Sandbox In Salesforce

Different Types Of Developer Edition And Sandbox EnvironmentsDifferent Types Of Developer Edition And Sandbox Environments

Salesforce platform environments where users/developers can extend, integrate and develop new features and functionalities on the Salesforce platform without affecting their production environments are called Development Environments in Salesforce.

Development environments are used strictly for developing and testing applications. These environments contain test data that are not business-critical. Development can be done inside the browser or with the VS Code IDE(for coding).

There are two types of development environments: 

What Is Developer Edition (DE) Environment?

It’s a free, fully-featured development environment with limits on data and users. It is a logically separate environment, ideal for initial development on the Salesforce platform. Users/Developers can sign-up(on the link: for as many DE organizations as they require. This allows them to build an application(through declarative tools as well as coding) designed for any of the Salesforce production environments.

What Is Sandbox In Salesforce?

It is a nearly identical copy of the production environment. The sandbox copy can include data, configurations, or both. It is possible to create multiple sandboxes in production environments for a variety of purposes without compromising the data and applications in the production environment.

Types Of Sandbox In Salesforce

  • Full Copy Sandbox
  • Partial Copy Sandbox
  • Developer Sandbox
  • Developer Pro Sandbox

Different Types Of Developer Edition And Sandbox Environments

Development Environment 

User Licenses 

Data Storage 


Developer Edition

2 full CRM(Salesforce) licenses
3 Salesforce Platform licenses

5 MB Data
20 MB File Storage

Sign-Up is free

Partner Developer Edition

20 full CRM(Salesforce) licenses
20 Salesforce Platform licenses

250 MB
(about 125,000 records) 

This is a DE org with more storage, features, and licenses. Free for enrolled partners. 

Full Sandbox

Same as the production environment 

This is a copy of your production org including data and customization. You may order up to a maximum of 3 full sandboxes.

Partial Copy Sandbox 

Same as the production environment 

5 GB data
(about 2.5 million records)
5 GB file storage 

This copies the customization and a sample of your production organization’s data. You may order up to a maximum of 6 partial copy sandboxes. 

Developer Sandbox 

Same as the production environment 

200 MB data
(about 100,000 records)
200 MB File storage 

This copies customization (metadata), it doesn’t copy production data. 

Developer Pro Sandbox 

Same as the production environment 

1 GB data
(about 500,000 records)
1 GB File Storage 

This copies customization (metadata), it doesn’t copy production data but has more storage than the Developer sandbox. 


types of Sandbox

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