The following are the different of data management tools in salesforce.:

Mass Transfer


The first of the Salesforce Data Management Tools is the Mass Transfer Tool. It is used to transfer ownership of records from one user/queue to another user/queue. We can transfer accounts, leads, macros, streaming channels, and all custom objects using this tool.

Records can be transferred:

  1. 1. Based on the owner or
  2. 2. Based on the Criteria or
  3. 3. Based on both.


Users require “Transfer Record” permission & Edit permission on the object to transfer records.


Other object records can also be transferred using Data Loader.


Mass Delete


Mass Delete tool is used to delete records & reports. We can mass delete only cases, solutions, accounts, contacts, leads, products, and activities. To mass delete data users require Modify All Data permission. Only 250 items can be deleted at a time. Only reports in the public reports folder can be mass-deleted. You can’t mass delete reports that are attached to dashboards or scheduled.

Records can also be deleted by selecting the permanently delete checkbox, after this the deleted records cannot be recovered from Recycle Bin.


Mass Transfer Approval Requests


Mass transfer approval requests allow us to transfer or delete more than one approval request at a time.

The approval requests can be transferred to a new user.

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