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Contacts in Salesforce store an individual’s demographic information, such as phone numbers and email addresses, and are linked to accounts. If a contact is not linked to an account then it is a “private” contact and only viewable by the contact owner or Salesforce administrator.

One contact = one person


Important Fields:


Lead Source

1. The record Source: for Example, Advertisement, Partner, or Web.

2. The entry is selected from a picklist of available values, which the administrator sets.


Reports To

1. The name of the contact’s manager to which this particular contact will report.


Related Lists:


Campaign History

1. Campaign and Contact are related through junction objects i.e. campaign members.

2. It describes that in which campaign this particular contact has been added as a member and also it’s status for that campaign.


Contact Role


Contact Roles define the role that a contact or person account plays in an account, case, contract, or opportunity. When contact roles are defined, our sales team has more information for determining who to contact and when. Up to 50 contacts that are associated with the record’s account are displayed. Optionally, designate a primary contact for the record.

Contact Role fields are as follows:

1. Contact:

Name of the contact or person account. Select an existing account or create a new one.


2. Primary:

When selected, identifies the person as the primary contact for the record. The Primary option isn’t available for cases. Instead, the contact listed in the Contact Name field on the case record is automatically the primary contact. There can only be one primary role in this list for one account at a time.


3. Role 

The role of the contact for the record. The administrators can customize the selections for this picklist on each object.


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