Actions add functionality to Salesforce. We have standard actions such as create and update records. Also, we can create actions based on our company’s requirements.

Actions enable users to do more in Salesforce and Salesforce1.

There are 2 types of actions in Salesforce:

  • Global Action
  • Object Specific Actions


Global Actions in Salesforce:


These can be added to any page that supports action. For example home page, chatter tab, and object pages.

Global create actions enable users to create object records, but the new record has no relationship with other records.

Use global actions in salesforce to let users record call details, create or update records, send an email, or create a task from the Salesforce1 Feeds page, Groups pages, and any other page driven by the global publisher layout.


Action Layouts


Action layouts are similar to page layouts.

Just as object record pages have page layouts that can be customized, actions have action layouts that can be customized. When we create an action, Salesforce populates its layout with a default set of fields. You can add, remove, or reorder fields on the action layout to present only the essential items your users need when they’re taking the action.

The first time you view the layout for an action you’ve created, certain fields are pre-populated target object default fields, standard required fields, and any custom universally required fields.

Action layout can be created for object-specific actions as well as for global action.


Global Publisher Layouts


Global publisher layouts determine the global actions that appear in the various Salesforce interfaces


Salesforce Classic

These layouts customize the actions in Chatter publishers on global pages (like the Home page) and on the Chatter page.



These layouts drive the actions that appear in the action bar on the Feed and People pages. Global publisher layouts can include global actions only.

Note: Global publisher layouts can include global action only.


Let us now look at Record types.

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