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Ben is very popular in the Salesforce space as he is the founder of one of the first & best blogs on Salesforce in the name of where he has helped a lot of people start their career, crack the certifications and build a brand for themselves by contributing on the blog.

They talked about:

How did he get to know about Salesforce and how did it all start?

What exactly is the job of a Business Analyst when it comes to Salesforce?

What is the learning curve of a Salesforce consultant, and how to break into consultancy?

What did he think some of the great developers lack which is required to be a consultant or business analyst?

His journey as an Entrepreneur

What are the major challenges of running a consultancy in the Salesforce space?

Would he recommend someone who wants to make a lot of money to start a Salesforce consultancy?

What should one do if they plan to create their own consultancy around Salesforce?

Story behind writing a book on Building a Salesforce Consultancy.

How much did he think the company culture matters while building a company and how he differentiated his organization from the others for talent as well as for clients?

A lot of people out there want to move towards the product side after being in services for a long time, you have also done the same thing.

What do you think is the difference personally as well as professionally?

How do you prepare yourself & your organization for the future?

What do he think works well in a Consultancy QUALITY or QUANTITY when it comes to people?

What are the 5 things that any Salesforce Consultancy which is trying to grow should definitely focus on?

Should you as a consultancy be specific to a cloud or industry or you should have a diversified portfolio or service listings?

Introduce us to the electronic music world in Ben’s way and passion to be a dj or this is something you enjoy being a part of?

How did the idea of SalesforceBen come to his mind?

Describe the Salesforce job Ecosystem in upcoming years Love to work in a team or on your own.

Difference between being an independent contractor and building up a company. It’s been over 10 years since Ben is in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Did he sometimes feel that it will get obsolete in some time like other technologies or did he feel that it has just started?

What is the one myth that he want to bust about the industry we’re skype.

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