Before moving towards the Best Salesforce Certification topic, let’s first understand about Salesforce, for those who are still unaware about the same.

Salesforce is a cloud computing (delivery of different services through the Internet) Software as a Service (SaaS) based company that aims at specializing particularly in CRM (Customer Relationship Management). In other words, it is known to be an integrated CRM platform that provides all the business’ work departments (marketing, sales, etc.) a single, shared simple view of every customer.

In the year 2018, after seeing the continuous popularity of Salesforce among several companies (even the well-established and high profile companies) that could vary in shapes and sizes, International Data Corporation (IDC) has named Salesforce the No. 1 CRM provider worldwide for the fifth consecutive year and thus making Salesforce grow as an in-demand job skill.

This further implies that there is a growing need for Salesforce professionals. To become a Salesforce professional, it is beneficial for candidates to have suitable Salesforce certifications for the desired job.

Are you keen on knowing more about these Salesforce certifications and knowing which ones have been the most trending ones in the current year? Well, without any more delays, let’s move on to the main topic, in the subsequent sections.

About Salesforce Certification:

Salesforce Certifications are known to be industry-recognized standards, and not merely qualification, as it verifies if one is skilled in a specific field within Salesforce or not. In simpler terms, any certification that is specifically for any level of Salesforce training is called Salesforce Certification.

For the people who have been quite keen to learn and also wish to kick start a career in Salesforce, there have been certifications that are present for the same which would be catering to your needs or requirements. Moreover, these are for both IT as well as non-IT professionals.

Now, let’s move towards the discussion of the 7 Best Salesforce Certifications in the year 2021.

7 Best Salesforce Certifications in 2021:

Best Salesforce Certifications

Searching for the best Salesforce certifications for yourself would further depend on one’s professional aspirations along with the technical specialty. There are over 30+ Salesforce certifications available and that too in five different tracks, including Administrator, Architect, Consultant, Developer, and Marketer. A Salesforce Development Company particularly has Salesforce-certified candidates with varied skills, and which can help the other companies with their enhanced skills.

The 7 best Salesforce certifications in 2021 are briefly discussed as follows:

Salesforce Administrators:

In the organizations where Salesforce products are being used, Salesforce Administrator plays quite a critical role. Unlike any other administrator, a Salesforce administrator has been known to be playing quite an important role while having huge responsibilities for the Salesforce platform. He/she should have full knowledge of the business and its functionalities. These include – managing data, users, and security, maintaining Sales Cloud and Service Cloud applications, and building reports, dashboards, and workflow.

There are two primary levels of Salesforce administrator certification, that are – Salesforce Certified Administrator, Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator. We at S2 Labs have created a Free Salesforce Administrator Tutorial and Salesforce App Builder Tutorial Series which will not only help you learn it but will also be sufficient to crack the Salesforce Administrator and Salesforce App Builder certification.

Salesforce Platform App Builder:

The Salesforce Platform App Builder certification is considered to be quite ideal for those Salesforce professionals who wish to demonstrate their skill sets as well as knowledge in actually building up custom applications on the Salesforce platform. The exam for this certification focuses on using several tools like Custom Objects & Fields, Process Builder, Approval Processes, and all other declarative features. These are defined by the features that are also built by clicks, and not through code.

Salesforce Architect:

Salesforce Architects are considered to be the most trusted digital advisors along with being the respected team leaders in the Salesforce ecosystem. They are well-known to be the thinkers of the big-picture and are also in-depth problem solvers who are capable of designing systems that are known to stand up to anything. Salesforce Architect certifications would include several certification paths that have been aimed at recognizing several specialized knowledge and skills, which would also be helping in growing up the expertise while using the Salesforce platform. There are primarily two types of Salesforce Architect certifications- Salesforce Certified Technical Architect and Salesforce Certified Solution Architect.

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Salesforce Consultant:

A Salesforce Consultant is known to wear multiple hats in their job. They are put up in quite a trusted position of authority since they are hired by any organization to help in the transformation in the way a team works to improve customer service along with the organizational performance.

A good consultant is considered to be the one who can understand the platform while equally having good business analysis, project management, and changing up of management skills which would help in guiding people and the organizations through a process to solve quite critical business problems.

Salesforce Developer:

In general, those professionals who had chosen this course are the ones with the rightful qualifications in application development through computer languages such as C#, C++, JAVA, PHP, AngularJS, and other programming languages. With the help of this particular certification, the potential for declarative as well as coding skills for the creation of custom-defined applications for the clients will be further put to test.

There are three levels of Salesforce developer certification offered and designed by Salesforce. This is needed so as to test any developer’s capability, particularly in the technical field while also checking their real-world experience. These three levels are – Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I, Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II, and Salesforce Certified Commerce Cloud Digital Developer.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud:

Salesforce primarily offers three Marketing credentials – the Marketing Cloud Consultant, the Marketing Cloud Developer, and Marketing Cloud Administrator.

To be a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator certified would imply that the candidate would be able to now configure the Marketing Cloud products properly by using several Salesforce-related products along with involving some of the industry best practices, as per the requirements. 

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant credential has been designed for particularly those who would be able to set up and also implement the Salesforce Marketing Cloud email application tools while aiming to further give solutions for the proper execution of both the tactical as well as strategic email campaigns.

Salesforce Pardot:

There are two types of Pardot Certifications – Salesforce Pardot Specialist and Salesforce Pardot Consultant. The Salesforce Pardot Specialist credential has been designed for those that can demonstrate their skills and knowledge in designing, building, and implementing marketing workflows through the Pardot platform. The Pardot Consultant Certification has been aimed at those consultants who have been further implementing new Pardot organizations or have the capability of designing solutions that would require the involvement of a combination of several Pardot features.


To sum up, the need for Salesforce Certifications has increased over time in a lot of companies. The candidates need to have an advanced certificate in the desired credentials, to build up their career in Salesforce. 

If you want to start your career in Salesforce and are in search of a good training center for the various Salesforce Certifications training like Salesforce Admin, Salesforce Developers, etc., you can contact the best salesforce classroom/virtual training center, S2 Labs.

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