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Ever wondered about the purpose of Salesforce chatter, or why should you be interested in knowing about the same? What are the features that could attract you more than the other available social networking sites?

Well before we go deep into these questions, let’s first have a look at Salesforce Chatter meaning:

What is Salesforce Chatter?

Salesforce Chatter is another free collaborative social networking tool like Facebook, Twitter, but only for enterprises that are present on the platform. This is further known as the ‘best enterprise social network platform’ available. Also, this is a cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) vendor.

Similar to the working of Facebook, users can work securely at the workplace while establishing networks, share files, and status updates, through this chatter feature of Salesforce. It further displays the data of each employee in a brief manner. Along with displaying the profile picture, it also showcases work-related information. This includes the work profile, reporting manager, current location, and contact information.

In short, it is like a mini social-networking platform, made particularly for enterprises/businesses which are using Salesforce.

Benefits Of Salesforce Chatter

Now, let’s move on towards the benefits of Salesforce Chatter:

1. Declutter Email:

You can easily declutter emails, or stop using long mails while using the various chatter tools like news feeds, group forums, file sharing, and also online chats. You can even update your projects and share them privately with either specific group members or all followers. After that, you can track the updates through the comments section of your post.

2. Eliminate Meetings:

Unnecessary meetings could take up a lot of time and also hampers productivity. With Salesforce Chatter, these meetings could be easily canceled by making groups virtually and have discussions wherein all ideas from the group are invited. For the same, group forum feature are put to use to share valuable and brainstorming ideas. This is also to ensure that the live meetings prove to be more meaningful and constructive.

3. Share Files Easily:

The waiting time spent on uploading large files and then sending via email is going away for the enterprises. Through the chatter, now you can easily upload them and share the same. With this, there’s no need to download them as now it is saved over the chatter and can be seen by the shared people/group. Also, through this, the uploading of original files is present rather than different versions made of the same.

4. Encourage Organizational Unity:

This is especially suitable for organizations where there’s a constant coming and leaving of employees, or where the employees are spread out in different regions or maybe even countries. Thus, to maintain a healthy work environment with the remote employees, salesforce chatter comes to the rescue. Through this, there is a constant update of their responses and involvement in the working of the company.

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5. Save Valuable Time:

The above-mentioned tasks also save time along with real purpose. Proper communication, less uploading and downloading time, etc., are time-saving scenarios. Through this, work efficiency is also maintained. A few of the chatter features like Version control save time for all the employees as well as the organization.

6. Teams Connected:

With Salesforce chatter, now the employees can closely work together with real-time alerts and updates. These updates are for any changes in the projects going under discussion or similar work, among teammates. Also, chatter lets you chat with your teammates, via texts or video calls, while viewing the same page of Salesforce.

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7. Chatter Keeps You Up-to-date:

Chatter provides you with all the updates within Salesforce that are sharing with you. These updates could relate to any deal or project advancing to a new stage, or in some cases revoke or escalate, etc. Through these updates, you can stay connected from every phase of the ongoings of the organization.

8. Workplace More Efficient:

While fulfilling all the above benefits, Salesforce Chatter helps in making the workplace more efficient for the entire organization. Through chatter features, your team can communicate in a better way. Also, time can be wisely used for other meaningful activities rather than have long meetings in person.


To Sum up, Salesforce Chatter can bring a culture of innovation in the organization. People always look forward to having better growth in any organization. Through this feature of Salesforce, the ongoing discussions can bring a rapid change in your work environment.

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