Apex Variables

A variable is a named value holder in memory. In Apex, local variables are declared with Java-like syntax.

The name we choose for a variable is called an identifier. Identifier can be of any length but it must begin with an alphabet. The rest of the identifier can include digits also.

  • Operators and spaces are not allowed.
  • We can’t use any of the apex reserved keywords when naming variables, methods or classes.
  • Keywords are the words that are essential for Apex language.
Integer i_a; 🗸 Integer i 2;   ☓
Integer _ia; ☓ Integer i$2;   ☓
Integer ia_; ☓ Integer $i2;   ☓
Integer i2;  🗸 Integer $_i_2; ☓

Apex Constants

Apex Constants are the variables whose values don’t change after being initialized once.

Constants can be defined using the final keyword.

Constants can be assigned almost once either in the declaration itself or with a static initialization method if the constant is defined in a class.

final integer a =5;

Note: We cannot use the final keyword in the declaration of a class or a method because in apex classes and methods are by-default final and cannot be overridden or inherited without using the virtual keyword.

Apex Literals

Integer i = 123;

String str = ‘abc’;



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