Salesforce Admin & App Builder Training

Salesforce Admin & App Builder Training

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Salesforce Admin & App Builder Training

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22 SEP 2018

**Weekend Batch**

Duration :16 Days

Fees : ₹10,000

18 JUL 2018

(5:30 to 07:00 PM)

Duration : 45 Days

Fees : ₹10,000

Course Description

This course is structured to prepare the individual for Salesforce Admin (ADM 201) & Salesforce App Builder certification. Below are the topics which will be covered throughout this course:

cloud computing basic

Cloud Computing Basics

Nowadays everything is on “cloud” same is with SALESFORCE. It Runs on cloud, Stores data on cloud. So we give some brief introduction about cloud computing.


CRM Basics

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. This technology allows you to manage relationships with your customers and prospects and track data related to all of your interactions.

P.S. Salesforce is world’s number 1 CRM.

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Force.com & Environments

Force.com is the underlying platform used to develop applications on Salesforce. The different types of environments like sandbox, developer edition and production are also important to understand in order to be the best in Salesforce.

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Organization Setup

Organization Setup includes a wide range of largely global (impacts all users) settings that will influence how your Salesforce environment operates, including:
Org ID and Edition, Licensing Information, Language, Locale, Currency, Critical Updates, Fiscal Year… and more

We’ll be going into detail on each of these.


Data Modelling

Every business application needs to store data and when it comes to Salesforce then it gets stored on the cloud. Hence this topic illustrate the power of storing/managing data on Salesforce in a structured way. This topic includes Objects, Fields, Relationships, Validation rules, Cross Object Formula fields etc.


UI Customization

When you customize your page layouts in Salesforce Classic, those changes can affect the content of object record pages in Lightning Experience. However, in Lightning Experience, the page elements display.


Data Management

Data management deals with import/export of data or records to/from a Salesforce organization. Data can be easily imported into Salesforce through various tools provided by Salesforce.


Data Security

To provide a security model that satisfies numerous, unique real-world business cases, Salesforce provides a comprehensive and flexible data security model to secure data at different levels.

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Process Automation

Salesforce provides multiple tools to automate your organization’s repetitive business processes: Approvals, Process Builder, Workflow, and Visual Workflow.


MVC Architecture

Model view controller (MVC) design pattern is the one of the most popular design pattern in 3 tier applications. Salesforce.com also follows MVC design pattern.

reports and dash

Reports & Dashboard

Report types are the templates from which users build reports and these reports are the source for dashboard components (pie chart, bar chart, donut chart etc.) which visually display data in dashboards.


Sales Cloud Application

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed to support sales, marketing and customer support in both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C)) contexts.


Service Cloud Application

Salesforce Service Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform for customer service and support, based on the company’s CRM software for sales professionals.



Chatter provides collaboration features and capabilities to any application built on the Force.com platform. These collaboration features include real-time feed updates, user profiles, and feeds that allow users to see changes that are important to them.



Salesforce AppExchange is Salesforce.com’s  marketplace through which end users can access, download and install software apps. AppExchange offers a mix of free and paid apps organized into collections.


Content and Folder Management

A folder is a place where you can store reports, dashboards, documents, or email templates. Folders can be public, hidden, or shared, and can be set to read-only or read/write.


Activity Management

Using activity management in Salesforce users can easily assign tasks or schedule events and track them through custom lists and dashboards.

Course Features

Course includes many other things too, like:





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Salesforce Certification Preparation


Salesforce Certification Registration


  • We have limited number of participants in a class to maintain the Quality Standards. So, unfortunately, participation in a class without enrollment is not possible.
  • Zeal to learn salesforce is the only prerequisite. P.S- No coding background is required. 🙂
  • The fees is 10,000 INR and is divided in two installments of 5000 INR each.
  • For registration, you can deposit the first installment i.e. 5000 and after 20 days you need to deposit the second installment i.e. again 5000
    and if you think you are rich then please deposit 10,000 at once, we will be very happy 😉
  • We highly recommend not to miss a class as it breaks the flow of learning which leads to confusions but if in case you miss any class then there are 2 options:
    • You can get the notes from one of your batchmates and recover it on your own and if you have any questions then you can ask them to faculty.
    • If you miss an entire topic then you first you need to inform the center manager prior to this and then. And if he/she approves then you can attend the classes on the same topic in any other batch.
  • We do provide placement assistance by routing relevant job opportunities to you as and when they come up. To get notified of relevant opportunities, it is important that you fill out your profile details.
  • It is important to attend classes and complete assignments. Course completion is an important criterion based on which we screen profiles of learners interested in a particular job. Also, before your profile is shared with prospective employers, you will have to go through an internal assessment. So it is important to be well versed with the course concepts to become eligible for placement opportunities.
  • No. The exam fee is not included in the course fees. Candidates must register and pay separately on the Salesforce website to take the certification exam but we will definitely provide throughout guidance in the whole process.

Salesforce App Builder

  • 60 MCQs (5 unscored items will be added)
  • Duration: 90 minutes (time allows for unscored questions)
  • Passing Grade: 65 percent
  • Registration Fee: $200
  • Retake Fee: $100 (Don’t worry, you will pass it on the first take)

Salesforce Administrator – ADM 201

  • 60 MCQs (5 unscored items will be added)
  • Duration: 90 minutes (time allows for unscored questions)
  • Passing Grade: 65 percent
  • Registration Fee: $200
  • Retake Fee: $100 (Don’t worry, you will pass it on the first take)
  • Just a pen and a notebook for the training session but for practice and assignments you do need a laptop/computer with an internet connection and you do not need to bring the laptop every day but if you want to practice at our place or want to get your assignment checked then you do need to bring the laptop.
  • We provide recovery classes for the classes which you had missed even after 5 days when the batch has started.