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How to start freelancing to improve the skills and increase the income | Ask The Hulk 11


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Hello guys, I am here with the 11th video of my new video series named as Ask The Hulk.

This video includes the answer to below question that Shubham Jaiswal has asked:

1. How to start freelancing to improve the skills and increase the income?

I am having 3+ experience in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. I wanted to start freelancing to improve my skills and also to increase my source of income. Do you have any suggestions regarding freelancing like how to start freelancing, How to find the clients, etc?

If you guys also have any question then please make sure to get connected with me on LinkedIn using the link below and send me a message including your questions which I will cover in the next episode of AskTheHulk Show or just write a post with the hashtag #AskTheHulk, I will make sure to answer your question.

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