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How to learn Salesforce Development even if you are from a non tech background | Ask The Hulk 09


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Hello guys, I am here with the 9th video of my new video series named as Ask The Hulk.

This video includes the answer to below questions:

1. What is the roadmap to learn Salesforce if you are from a non-tech background?

Derived this question from the below-mentioned message:

I have started my salesforce training. I’m from commerce background but I wanna migrate to IT industry. I have started C & C++ along with it I spend 2 hours on the trailhead.
After learning C & C++ I am gonna learn java. On one side I will try to develop my programming skills and on another side, I will do my admin training.

Can you please help me with this whether my roadmap is relevant or not?

I am getting very much passionate about Salesforce and I wanna start my career in salesforce as soon as possible.

2. Which programming languages one needs to learn if they want to learn Salesforce development?

Derived this question from the below-mentioned message:

I know Salesforce admin, However, I wanna learn Salesforce developing; I don’t know about any programming language. With which language, should I start learning, HTML/CSS or Java. I want to start learning properly through knowledge.

please do answer, Whenever, you receive my response

Because I wanted to join classes for that specific language.

I have friends, who are developers but when they talk about the development of SFDC I can’t even understand what they are saying.

please help me.

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