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The second guest on the podcast series named “The Shrey Sharma Show” on YouTube Channel Salesforce Hulk was David Scott Nava who served 20 years as a Navy Veteran and is now working at Salesforce. During the conversation, they addressed the following questions:

1.About his background and how you got in the navy.

2. Did he always want to be in the Navy/Military?

3. Shrey got to know that David was a single father while serving in the navy, tell us a little about that experience.

4. When was his first encounter with technology and what was your reaction after that?

5. How did he came to know about Salesforce and what made you excited to learn it?

6. What other veterans can do to start their careers in Salesforce?

7. Is it true that Salesforce turned down his job application but later reached out to him for a job because of his personal brand?

8. What is Trailhead by Military and how does it help veterans?

9. How four-block & Vetforce or trailhead military can help veterans?

10. How did he get experience without having a job in Salesforce and how others can also get the same?

11. How is David trying to give back to the community by volunteering and what impact it had on your personal as well as professional life?

12. What advice would he give to someone who is trying to pursue a career you are in?

13. How we at Salesforce Hulk can help veterans kick start their careers in Salesforce?

14. Do you face any challenges while working in the corporate after being in the military for so long? If yes what are they?

15. Is David working remotely or from the office?

16. Which option he think is better for working virtually or working from the office?

17. What is the definition of work-life balance?

Watch the full episode to get all the answers.

Below are some short clips from the episode on YouTube:

Listen Here

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