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Salesforce initiated as a Software as a Service (SaaS) CRM (Customer Relationship Management) company. With time it began by providing various solutions to software issues as well as enabling a single platform for all its users as well as developers to initiate development and further distribution of customized software. is developed on a multi-tenant architecture, which means that several customers could share a common technology easily and also run it on its latest release. This further would help one’s organization to be focused more on the innovations rather than spending more time on managing the technology.  

There are primarily 8 types of Salesforce Certifications. Based on the skill sets that they are serving to, there are Salesforce Certification for the following roles and profiles:

  1. Administrators
  2. Developers
  3. Architects
  4. App Builders
  5. Implementation Experts or Consultants
  6. Marketers
  7. Pardot Experts
  8. CPQ Specialists

In this blog, we will learn more about Salesforce Administrators. Specifically,  there’ll be a brief discussion regarding the habits of a successful Salesforce Administrator

Who is a Salesforce Administrator?

Salesforce Administrators work with stakeholders of the organization to ensure defining requirements and to further customize the Salesforce platform, based on the same. In simpler words, their main aim is to ensure that the users are getting the most out of Salesforce.

A Salesforce Administrator has the best understanding of how to develop the Salesforce platform so that it starts working for the company’s unique requirements. Furthermore, it could be possible that some companies would employ many people for the same role.

The two primary levels of Salesforce Administrator certifications are:

  1. Salesforce Certified Administrator
  2. Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator

Now, let’s learn about the main 12 habits that a successful Salesforce Administrator should have.

Habits of a Successful Salesforce Administrator

Firstly, let’s have an understanding of the 5 main habits that is a must for every successful salesforce administrator:

Daily Habits – Engage:

Salesforce administrators are required to be social leaders mandatorily. For the same, the Salesforce platform has come up with a built-in social component, namely Salesforce Chatter. This would provide the admins a greater avenue that can be optimally used for interaction with users in real-time to solve the problems.

Weekly Habits – Explore:

Salesforce Administrators need to set aside some time to visit the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace at least once every week. This is considered to be a good way to look after new solutions and applications that have been launched and could help the organization in improving its processes. Also, Salesforce has made this quite an easy task with their weekly newsletter which can be subscribed to easily. 

Monthly Habits – Communicate:

After the above two habits, Salesforce Administrators should maintain a habit of having once a month communication with the Stakeholders. While having a monthly check-in with the stakeholders, there will be good communication regarding the upcoming required changes and this would further help in planning for the new users along with its changes in a more effective way.

Quarterly Habits – Evaluate:

Every quarter a session should be scheduled with the users to review the reports, dashboards, and folders. The main motive is to assemble a group of the same users and to start reviewing the reports and folders they use and check if there’s any need to add a new feature or modify the existing ones.

Yearly Habits – Refresh:

Every year, there’s a bigger need to schedule some refresher training for all the users. This is due to new features released every year over the Salesforce platform to bring new functionalities. This could make users easily forget about the older functionalities which are still a part of the platform. Salesforce Administrators are required to handle this training part, at least once a year. 

Now, let us have a brief overview of the other 7 habits that successful Salesforce Administrators can also inculcate. The following habits are generally followed by most of the professionals from all other fields as well. Since a Salesforce Administrator, similar to a normal admin, is considered to be an important part of any organization, there is a greater need for him/her to be proactive, have greater vision, understand priorities, have a good understanding of business needs, etc. These above-mentioned points and a few more are briefly discussed as follows:

Be Proactive:

While in a proactive mode, Salesforce Administrator must monitor the working of the organization. For the same, a look over the logins, ensuring optimum resource usage, audit trails, and debugging the logs should be done on time. 

Be Visionary:

Each change that is being asked to a Salesforce Administrator must be pondered about in a better way, just the way how it would reflect the organization in the long run. Hence, there should be proper planning for better development and deployment.

Prioritizing in a Better Way:

There’ll be many tasks that the user will demand, which could easily overwhelm anyone. So, ensuring that the requests are prioritized as ‘Important’ and ‘Urgent’ becomes a habit of a Salesforce Administrator, with time.

Thinking for a Win-Win Situation:

In a situation wherein someone brings up a particular solution, there is a high possibility of it having a downside. It is the job of a Salesforce Administrator to ensure that all aspects are fully assessed and a win-win situation could be further created.

Be Understanding:

The users know the best along with the knowledge of what exactly suits them and what all can further be improved. A Salesforce Administrator needs to understand their requirements regarding the problem and understand properly how the platform would help them in achieving the solution. 

Be Collaborative:

Even if the Salesforce Administrator has an in-depth knowledge of the Salesforce, it is still pretty valuable to be surrounded by peer experts who will further help in evaluating all possible options for any specific case. Being a part of such a team would also increase one’s performance as an Admin.

Keep Evolving:

The Salesforce platform keeps on evolving with time. Hence, a Salesforce Administrator must keep on evolving while ensuring to be always updated with the growing platform and its changing features and upcoming innovations.


The above-mentioned 12 habits could easily transform one into a highly efficient Salesforce Administrator rather than ‘just an Admin’. Hence, it is quite important to inculcate these habits if you are aiming to become a better version of Admin.

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